10 Best Garlic Keeper 2020

Garlic belongs to the onion family, and the name of the family or its biological name is Allium Sativum. It is the necessary herb used in South Asian cuisine and the reason is that it has the most health benefits if you regularly keep in your diet. In fact, nowadays, the countries on the west side to are adding ginger in their food keeping in view the health benefits associated with it. It is believed to be one of the best food ingredients, used to enhance food flavor and tenderize protein food like beef, chicken, etc.

Best Garlic Keeper

However, peeling garlic and storing it for future use is a tedious job and that is the reason why they need for garlic keepers has become so important. Also, the garlic keepers must remain dry to keep the garlic fresh at the time when using it. The other reason why garlic keepers are so important is that the smell garlic produces is a kind that most people don’t like it and they just want something that retains the necessary properties intact while using it, also they want the garlic keeper to keep the smell contained in it and does not spread all over the place.

This article will definitely help you a lot in finding the best garlic keeper that you are looking for, depending upon your preferences like; how big it should be, how trendy it should look, how it’s going to add value to your countertops, are the questions you will surely find answers to these in this article You will also get to know about, what are the considerations to keep in mind when looking for the best garlic keeper.

Considerations for buying the Best Garlic Keepers, purpose &  placement

The best garlic keeper to consider is the one in which you can preserve it properly and keep it in a cool and dry place. Sometimes the best place is to hang on a kitchen ceiling where it can get a cool breeze. However, the places where it gets the warm breeze and gets the sun rays too, then surely it is not the recommendable place to keep. If you are among those who haven’t experienced garlic keepers yet, then it is simply the container to preserve your garlic with all the necessary ingredients intact and undoubtedly it is the best solution and the necessary kitchenware to have, to keep you away from the hassles you encounter every day in your kitchen. 

Let us walk you through a list of Best garlic keepers of 2020 available at Amazon, by keeping in mind the physical attributes of the garlic keepers along with their utility. 

Fox Run 3971 Garlic Keeper, Ceramic, White

The Fox run product is in as garlic keeper due to quite many reasons. The material it is made from is actually the center for attention for most of the customers. Due to its manufacturing from terracotta which goes back to ancient Romans, they used their utensils made from the same material for the reason being the preservative factor it holds. It is the material mostly used in pottery & making sculptures. Being one of the oldest materials to be made from, it has got the reliability factor on its peak when it comes to the preference of people who actually know its origin. If you are on a lookout for such a product, then certainly this one is the right choice. It is specially designed by keeping in mind the durability factor, to use it over a long period of time. 

Features of Fox Run 3971 Garlic Keeper

  • This product of garlic keeper helps in keeping the real food feel intact, can also be used to keep pancakes and waffles soft and fresh for a long period of time.
  • It comes in the dimensions of approximately; 7by2.75 inches and 8.5 by 4.25 inches.
  • It is 100 per cent safe to use on conventional stoves and microwave ovens.
  • It  comes in a garlic shaped handle.
  • Moreover there is a lot to add in the feature list once you start using it.
  • This garlic keeper microwave and oven are friendly.
  • Made from permeable material that allows air & moisture to flow.
  • One of the best and very simple to use.
  • Made from terracotta with a glossy interior.
  • It has holes to absorb moisture and allow airflow.
  • Due to non-glazed outside, it may get stains easily.
  • Some people found its opening to be quite small & have mentioned in their reviews.

Norpro Deluxe Stoneware Garlic Keeper

The other product which is not less in demand when it comes to garlic keeper is Nepro Deluxe stoneware garlic keeper. Recommended to be the best for those who like fresh garlic in their food, giving them the feel as if you have just peeled the garlic from the grocery shop. It comes in a variety of non-porous designs made from stoneware, having evenly made holes that are well balanced and separated from one another. In this way it provides you with the most favorable storage space simultaneously, and thus allows the air to flow in a proper manner from the utensil. This feature allows the garlic to remain cool and dry for a long period of time. Apart from this, the lid ensures to protect the garlic from the light and keep it fresh. Due to its special design and material, it does not absorb moisture and odor from its surroundings. It is comparatively very easy to maintain when not in use, also you can wash easily using your hands. One of the best things about it is its large size, that allows you to store greater quantity for future use.


  • This garlic keeper is built using solid ceramic quality.
  • The appearance and feel are very glossy.
  • The vent holes on the product are permeable.
  • Garlic essence remains intact and also dry for long.
  • Trendy design quality to match your kitchen decor.
  • The material does not allow to absorb moisture and odor.
  • Ability to preserve up to approximately 24 garlic cloves.
  • Manufactured using nonporous stoneware material.
  • One of the best qualities to buy with trendy designed pot.
  • You can buy it from Amazon
  • Available in only one color.
  • Also, available in only one size.
  • May be dropped out due to this factor

Le Creuset Stoneware Garlic Keeper, Dune

Another special product to give you one of the best solutions as a garlic keeper is, Le Creuset Stoneware Garlic Keeper. It comes with a high utility and convenience when it comes to storing your garlic cloves and keeping them dry and fresh. Whether you want to keep it on your countertop or tabletop, it serves you with style. It is not only a user-friendly option but also a price-friendly product too. Available in stylish signature colors of Le Creuset. No matter if your purpose is to store or serve, it fulfills both with much ease and simplicity. On the other hand, it gives you maximum durability and quick cleaning advantages, that you may not find in others.


  • This garlic keeper has a porous base that helps to control the humidity inside the jar.
  • The walls of the stoneware are thick, thus ensuring zero moisture absorption. Also, it helps the keeping from getting the cracks and it has good quality.
  • The outer is non-porous and contains the enamel resistance that helps to block starch and stains on the jar.
  • The lid is super fitted and secure so that no light enters into it.
  • A small air vent inside the jar is there, in order to keep the garlic dry and fresh by retaining the air.
  • This garlic keeper is made from intense fire stoneware.
  • Strong and durable design.
  • One of the best quality to use.
  • It has an impermeable enamel finish.
  • Prevents odors and stains on the jar.
  • You can buy it from Amazon.
  • It comes in a single color that may not attract buyers & they have mentioned in their reviews.
  • Available in only one size.

Mud Pie Ceramic Garlic Storage Keeper, White

Often when you are expecting some guests at home, you wonder what the best thing you can show to them for creating an impact. This garlic keeper will definitely not let you down when being spotted on your kitchen or tabletop. It is a perfect example of the delicacy, sleek design makes and much more that you may not be able to compare with other garlic keepers.  It is designed by keeping in mind the trendy features people find attracted to and get inspired from. It is definitely worth shopping for this product and giving your home kitchen corner a stylish look to grab everyone’s attention. It is made from mud pie ceramic that comes with a removable wood cover.   Apart from this, it has a sponge holder also that enables the cut-out slot for storing the sponge. The good thing about this garlic keeper is that it is made from solid Maple and attributes ball bearings with the handles.


  • This garlic keeper makes sure to keep your garlic cloves fresh even for weeks.
  • You don’t require the refrigerator to store.
  • 3 garlic cloves can be easily put inside using the holes on the ceramic.
  • This makes it the best and simple to use besides other features.
  • This garlic keeper has a colored ceramic with solid construction.
  • Design is eye-catching
  • It ensures proper airflow through the holes because of the ceramic used.
  • It comes with a wooden cover or lid.
  • It has the optimum capacity to store the garlic cloves.
  • You can buy it from Amazon.
  • It is not safe to be washed using a dishwasher so may not be given preference to when buying this make

HIC Harold Import Co. Garlic Clove Keeper

If quality is your preference when buying a product, then surely this garlic keeper make will serve your purpose. It not only keeps the garlic cloves fresh, at the same time it provides you with an odorless pot that does not absorb the garlic odor and seems to be the best you can get for dry and fresh storage of garlic. It is the right product to select from the list with enough equally spaced holes, which definitely helps in keeping the garlic cloves fresh and dry. The reason is obviously that it circulates the air in a much better way as compared to other garlic keepers available in the market. The best part of this garlic keeper is its design, the design allows the jar to be more functional than others being purchased in the market.


  • This garlic keeper provides proper ventilation through the jar.
  • The pot has two handles on each of its sides, ensuring the proper handling of the pot.
  • One of the best and simple to use besides other properties.
  • It can be washed inside the dishwasher.
  • It is made from high-intensity fire ceramic.
  • The finishing of the pot is non-porous.
  • This garlic keeper has a proper ventilation system to keep garlic cloves fresh and dry.
  • Two handles for proper holding the pot
  • Perfect lid with a clove of garlic designed as the knob.
  • Capacity to hold up to 3 garlic cloves, that’s good storage.
  • You can buy it from Amazon.
  • Smaller in size than other garlic keepers that may put some people off to it, as they have mentioned in their reviews.

Joie Terracotta Garlic Keeper, Vented Storage Container, White

This garlic keeper is a product manufactured by Joie Terracotta and it is well known and liked by people who prefer the handy solutions of garlic storage on their kitchen countertop. It does not only provide the best utility of using fresh garlic but also enhances the kitchen decor due to its stylish design. It is best for storing a large size single head of garlic or two small-sized garlic heads in the pot. Due to its small size and the storage capacity it holds, it makes sure to use the garlic in small batches and fill on going empty again. Thus providing you the freshest and dry garlic each time in your cooking routine. Also, its compact size allows you to keep it by taking very little space and handy enough to pick and use on a frequent basis.  One more reason why it is high in demand is because of its attention-grabbing design. It is made from white porcelain material, giving it a glazing and decent look when placed among your kitchenware.


  • Terracotta inside made pot at its best.
  • Outer is a glazed porcelain material
  • Garlic remains fresh for a long period of time.
  • Terracotta ensures to absorb the moisture and also keep humidity stable and being the major property besides others.
  • It’s a garlic shaped pot with the best look.
  • Terracotta inside maintains humidity and moisture levels.
  • Shiny glazed exterior.
  • This garlic keeper consists of vent holes
  • An ideal pot that holds one large garlic bulb.
  • You can buy it from Amazon.
  • It can only hold one large bulb of garlic
  • There is a possibility it may arrive damaged & it has also been mentioned in their reviews.

Garlic Keeper Vented Ceramic Storage Container Bamboo Lid and White Stoneware

The first look this pot gives is a tiny look, despite its tiny look, it fulfills your garlic needs in the form of the best garlic keeper. The holes are plenty and in fact, there are 12 vents that assist in providing the right amount of ventilation through the pot. As a result, the garlic cloves remain cool and dry for a long period of time. The lid is made from bamboo that helps in keeping the freshness of garlic intact. It is also the reason why garlic cloves are not directly exposed to sunlight and at the same time, it has holes to allow moisture and light in the right amount throughout the pot. So when you are on the lookout for the perfect garlic keeper, this one will never let you down and surely this is the right investment to make. 


  • The product dimensions are 3.7 x 4.2 x 3.2 inches.
  • The pot only weighs about 280 g.
  • It is also a good storage keeper for garlic and onion too.
  • Easy washable and best for simple use besides other properties.
  • It is not a microwave and oven friendly.
  • A pot with a proper ventilation system.
  • Keep your garlic cloves dry and fresh in your kitchen.
  • Protective bamboo lid included.
  • Manufactured using high-quality ceramic.
  • Easy washable and cleanable.
  • You can buy it from Amazon.
  • It is not microwave and oven friendly as compared to others in the market that may be an off thing for buyers as mentioned in the reviews section.

Henry watson’s Garlic keeper in terracotta

If you want to feel close to nature then you must invest in buying this garlic keeper. Made from terracotta inside out. The art of kitchenware with the natural feel of Terracotta gives your kitchen an attractive look on your countertop. If you are thinking about how this is possible with this unique looking pot? Terracotta is known to possess some great natural properties, and the best among them is that it has a glazed clay porous body.

This property helps in absorbing the right amount of moisture from the air, thus keeping the garlic cloves dry and fresh for long hours of consistent use with the natural essence of garlic remains intact. These great properties of Terracotta assist you in keeping your batch fresh with the desired flavors it carries. The company Henry Watson is known for more than 200 years, having the oldest experience when it comes to manufacturing pots made from Terracotta. The quality of this product is very fine and ensures that every piece of their designed utensils gives you the best customer experience and no worries about poor quality and bad user experiences. 


  • This garlic keeper is one of the classics and the best besides other properties.
  • Designed to give your kitchen an impressive look.
  • Made from superior quality of clay called Staffordshire Clay
  • Carries all necessary properties to keep your garlic fresh and dry on your kitchen counters
  • It is dishwasher friendly and absolutely safe.
  • The product measures 5 inches in diameter that ensures keeping garlic fresh and dry for long periods.
  • Made from Terracotta
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Ample air vents for right absorption of the moisture
  • Good storage of holding 3-4 normal size of garlic cloves.
  • You can buy it from Amazon.
  • It is an expensive garlic keeper.

Progressive International GK-68 Terra Cotta Garlic Keeper

The product comes from the company Progressive International, they truly understand the significance of customer satisfaction and this is the reason why they have made this garlic keeper so fine in quality and design. It can also be said it is the best in terms of looks and utility when it comes to usage and customer satisfaction. Progressive International is known to produce kitchenware storage solutions and fits to be one of the best tools you can get from Amazon. It is also a budget-friendly option and you don’t have to worry about investing too much on it. You can surely enjoy your cooking needs with this special Compaq gift, that keeps your garlic fresh and dry for a long period of time.


  • Designed from unglazed terracotta besides others available in the market.
  • It comes with 3 air vents to ensure the right amount of ventilation.
  • It has a 5-inch diameter.
  • It can be washed with warm water using your hands.
  • Made from unglazed terracotta.
  • Air Vented manufacturing to provide the optimum absorption of moisture.
  • It contains a lid to ensure the safety of garlic cloves at its best.
  • It has the capacity to hold two small-sized garlic bulbs.
  • You can buy it from Amazon.
  • People complained they received this product mostly broken.
  • The lid of this keeper is sensitive and may crack with consistent use.

MudWorks Pottery Olive Branch Garlic Keeper

The product is designed to offer the prestigious customers with a prestigious looking garlic keeper. It is purely hand-made pottery from the paint to the final finish, no machine use. This is the reason it is kind of a prestigious one among all in the list. It is manufactured in a small town in Pennsylvania called Effort. It is indeed one of the best you can get as a garlic keeper. Apart from the stylish design it carries, it is also perfect to hold a good quantity of garlic and extremely useful when it comes to the utility of the product. It is a dishwasher and microwave friendly product, and also quite user-friendly too.


  • The lid comes with a designed handle and besides being one of its major properties.
  • Dimensions are around 4 x 5 inches
  • It also has an olive branch motif available for oil dipping dishes.
  • Well made with beautiful design.
  • Good portable size to use and handle while working in your kitchen.
  • Ample space to keep garlic.
  • It is available at Amazon with user reviews.
  • Some people are not happy using this keeper and complained it is super tiny.

Garlic Keeper Buying Guide – What to consider when buying?

Garlic keepers are for those who cannot compromise the freshness of garlic, whether they are making a paste or using it in a raw form in their foods. Apart from the freshness it preserves, there are also other benefits of having a garlic keeper. However, before you buy you need to make sure what kind of utility you have and how you want to buy and store batches in a way that they don’t go stale or rotten. One more important thing to mention here is, the placement of garlic keepers. The place should be the one where the air can flow through the container easily instead of packed facility or direct sunlight exposure places. Below are some tips that can definitely help you in selecting the right kind of garlic keeper for yourself.

Proper storage

Always go for the ones that have enough space to fulfill your requirements. Some garlic keepers are tiny looking and can only accommodate a single average-sized garlic bulb. So don’t be hasty in selecting the one, always take a proper look from all dimensions and read the specs that clearly tells you about its dimensions and capacity it can hold. 

Understand the right material

The right material for the garlic keeper is as important as buying fresh from the marketplace. It is because if it’s going to be the right material it will serve your purpose, otherwise it is just going to take space on your countertop. The most common type is the ceramic one, it keeps the garlic fresh and dry by allowing the right amount of moisture inside the pot. 

Look for the features

The other significant thing you cannot ignore is the features of the garlic keepers. The right purpose of the garlic keeper is to keep the garlic fresh and retain the essence of it. Always go for the latest ones as they provide you with the latest features to make sure your garlic remains fresh while using them. Some common features include; dimensions, lid, user-friendliness and microwave and oven friendly. Other important ones include; dishwasher safe, material, and compact design. Keep in mind these features when you are buying it so that you land on the right one with the best utility to offer. 

Lasting Quality

Some garlic keepers are too fragile and either they come to you in a cracked form or they are worn out very easily when using it on a consistent basis. Some get broken while handling and some have not been built with sturdy material. In order to get the lasting quality always spend on the one that is free from all these issues mentioned here, as a result, you enjoy a good customer experience and you will find the garlic keeper durable enough to sustain damages and handling. 


As you have clearly understood the importance of the garlic keepers and the utilities it offers to you. At the same time, there are so many options available in the market and it becomes troublesome for you to select the right one for yourself without getting confused. The considerations and tips provided to you in this article are very substantial in choosing the right product, if you follow them with attention, definitely you will be able to buy the best that suits your kitchen needs. Look for the price as well, some of them come with an expensive price but when it comes to the utility they don’t serve with the right purpose. Look for the reviews as well, besides other preferences, as they tell you without any biases, which one is the best to select and comes with a perfect utility. So guys, what you are waiting for, visit Amazon and buy to make your kitchen life easy.  

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