10 Best Electric Wok 2020

Traditionally a simple round and versatile pan is used for cooking on flames burner. This round burner was built in china during the Han dynasty but the basic purpose of this burner was to dry out leaves. Vegetables and meats. It has been used for several purposes over the centuries however the basic design of wok was remained same even in the advanced world when almost everything is over taken by the technology.

Best Electric Wok

The utilities of wok has been increased for basic cooking to stir frying and many other purposes which includes addition of oil to hot pan and instant cooking of foods by using different flavors and from the sauces and oils to all ingredients. A unique flavor is attained by cooking food in wok this is known as the “breath of the wok” from China. But the modernized version of the traditional wok is an electric wok and it is ubiquitous for any Asian family.

The traditional Asian flavor could be attained by in your meal by cooking it in one of the best electric woks. These electric woks get heated quickly because these are designed in way to cook food faster than the traditional woks but it ensures that you always get the exact taste and aroma from the food. These cooking tools are very easy to clean the non-stick surface and you can get slide you culinary dishes on the serving without the addition of extra oil and butter.

The electric wok is very versatile and you can have it in small house or dormitories where space is very limited. You can use it to making deep fried dished, soups and stir fries. Although you still need the hot plate to server the proper purpose but for making different dishes you can have a pan and for having dynamic variety of dishes you can get a hot plate in good rates from amazon.

It makes your life easier because you can clean and wash it by follow very few steps. The Electric Woks heat up faster and they require less time and waster for cleaning the dishes. An on the top of everything it gives original Asian healthy flavor to your food by maintaining the hygiene.

Presto 5900 1500W Stainless Steel Electric Wok

This electric stainless steel is Presto 5900 1500 watt and it makes your work much easier and quicker and you can make smoking hot stir-fry meals. It makes stir-fry meals healthy for you within minutes and you can enjoy the essence and rich flavor of Asian smoked food with your family.

This electric wok sears your ingredients in very little quantity of oil and fats and it also preserves nutrients with fresh flavor, texture and color.

Key features

  • It has 1500 watt heating element and its heating capacity is even quicker having aluminum clad base.
  • It has stainless steel body and it is very user friendly
  • The cover is stainless steel with handle and rim, and handles with side loop
  • Long wooden spatula is attached with it
  • Cleaning is very easy of this electric wok
  • Could be washed using dish soap
  • It has a flat bottom to reduce the need of coil
  • It comes with a stand
  • You can use this electric wok independently
  • Long wooden spatula comes with it
  • Cleaning is easier
  • Stainless steel is used to make this wok
  • Vegetables are not crisp
  • High wattage is required for increasing heat
  • No control for stir-frying

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok

This sleek electric metal wok is an Aroma Housewares and metal designed to heat up food and maintain its flavor quickly as per your desires, because it locks the flavor of foods every time for the best results. It provides best versatility with complete range of control in temperature. Stainless steel is used to make this electric wok andinside the electric wok you can find a coated non- stick for making it operations easily. This electric wok is available on amazon in good prices.

It also great wok for the steaming, braising and tempura in addition to the stir-frying the food in electric wok. You can get great flavors for you desired traditional and modern Asian dishes with ease.

Key features

  • It has high domed lid and 7- quart capacity
  • It has complete temperature control
  • Great retention of heat for heating up quickly
  • Handles are based with cool touch
  • Nonstick base with durability
  • Inexpensive electric wok
  • can handle high heat well
  • This electric wok is best of cooking in less oil
  • Keeps the true flavor of Asian food
  • Short coming of heat
  • Dish get boiled instead of getting fried
  • Low range of watts

Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok

As you cook on gas stove it is similar to that stove and this great hot wok from Breville provides even heat distribution across the all corners of wok. You can find this wok on amazon in good prices. The ability of sear heat is highly increased in this electric heating wok it is best of maintaining food’s flavor and also in moisturizing food. You would be able to get 425F emulated authentic Asian cooking style with 15 accurate heat settings.

Key Features

  • It is Die-cast wok bowl and it has a stainless steel base
  • Non-sticking coating is Quantinaum
  • Removable probe temperature is control
  • Dishwasher safe bowl and safe lid
  • Cook ‘n’ Look glass lid
  • It has unique concave shape with sloping sides
  • Its diameter is wider and depth is shallow
  • More room for food to move inside the wok
  • More food could be cooked at the same time
  • Cleaning of this electric wok is easier than the traditional copper wok
  • More food can be cooked in less oil without losing the original flavor
  • This versatile wok can also be used to stir frying, steaming, stewing and boiling
  • Difficult to lift the wok to toss the food sometimes while stir frying.
  • Need to season the wok
  • Can rust easily if not maintained

Sonya Electric ShabuShabu Hotpot with BBQ Grill

Now you can at Hotspot or shabushabu while enjoying the grilling of seafood for example shrimp and other meat with Sonya Electric Hotspot and it has the BBQ grill. Eating comes true by cooking it in this electric wok. It gives you privilege for enjoying all kind of dishes so you can serve your family and friends.

But you have to follow the proper way for doing it by putting ingredients in this pot or on the grill. This electric grill is a special toll for family get together and the best thing that you can find this amazing wok on amazon in good deals.

Key features         

  • BBQ grill comes with this electric wok and you can enjoy the hot pot and shabushabu at the same time
  • Removable grill pan is also attached with this electric cooking wok and you can always clean up the wok and use it
  • This BBQ grill is faster for heating and it has 1200 watt hotpot with 600 wat
  • The anti-skid feet remains still evenly
  • You will get a BBQ grill with this electric wok
  • Easy to use and no extra heat source is required
  • It comes with its own stand that gives it more stability
  • Cleaning is very easy on this electric wok
  • Could be used as hot pot on dining tables
  • Incapable of giving maximum temperature
  • Dishes get more boiled then the fried
  • This electric wok is little bit expensive

Starfrit 024404-002-0000 Handles Electric Multi-Pot

The multipurpose pot is from Starfit and is best companion for your next get together or party it keeps your food ready to eat and warm all the time so waiting a lot is no more when it comes to craving for your favorite food. You can cook different types of food in this electric wok and you can get true Asian food flavors.

Amazing Rock Tec surface is attached on this for the better treatment of your food and non-stick pans, it is 3x better than the traditional non-stick cookware. It is available on amazon and you can easily enjoy you parties and get together with you family and friends and you can enjoy delicious food.

Key Features

  • It is safe and dishwasher is easy to clean
  • Surface is enhanced with Tec
  • Casted with aluminum base
  • Glass lid is tempered
  • Temperature control is adjustable
  • ETL certified
  • Feet is noon- slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Lid has tempered glass
  • It is certified from ETL
  • You can adjust its temperature
  • Keeps the true flavor of food
  • Saves your time
  • Available on amazon with good deals
  • A round-bottomed wok is not suitable on an electric stove.
  • Sometimes it is not suitable for hot pots
  • Electric wok can’t heat up the stove as compare to the traditional stove

Presto Stainless Steel Electric Wok by Supernon

Now you can cook your favorite stir fry meals without any hassle with the help of these electric wok by Supernon. Different Asian entries, such as, meat, noodles, dumplings, all can be cooked instantly in this Presto stainless steel wok cooks. This wok comes with highly appealing stainless steel handles and a body, along with that a stainless steel rim as well.

An aluminum base is present for the spread of heat evenly with 1500W heating element. This temperature is allowed for the wok to stir fry or sear almost every meal. Lesser oil is needed to sear the ingredients in this wok, while preserving the fresh color, nutrients, texture as well as the flavor of the food. If you want to take a deeper look at this wok, click onto Amazon and get more information!

A Control Master Heat controlling system is present for maintaining the cooking temperature in itself. This is so, that it saves your cooking time and therefore, it is also very easy to clean. This wok of Presto is dishwasher safe and fully submerging.

Key features

  • Wok and the cover are dishwasher safe
  • It is immersible
  • High searing temperatures (1500W) for stir frying
  • For even heating, there is an aluminum clad base
  • Control Master heating control system for automatic maintenance
  • Stainless steel handle and rim, along with a tempered glass cover
  • The base and handles are separable
  • This wok is very convenient for cleaning as well as storage
  • Can work for temperatures up to 1500W
  • Average Implementation
  • Can be a little expensive

Breville EW30XL Electric Gourmet Wok

Breville EW30XL electric gourmet wok has really worked on improving their wok design, in every best aspect possible. Now with this easy to handle and amazing electric wok, you can cook all the delicious and healthy stir-fry meals. There are 15 settings for controlling the heat variable, inclusive of the high sear. Because of this, you can control the cooking time and the temperature with high accuracy.

A butterfly element of 1500W has been recessed across the base for the formation of heat zone over the entire surface. These conditions are best for stir frying and instant searing. If you want to take a deeper look at this wok, click onto Amazon and get more information!

Key Features

  • This wok has a heavy glass lid, along with a steel rim and steam vent
  • The base can be easily removed for quick and easy washing
  • There are 14 different heat settings in this wok and a butterfly element which has high sear option
  • A non-stick 4 layered Quantanium surface
  • It consists of 14 heat settings
  • Removable glass and dishwasher safe
  • This wok has 4 layers of Quantanium surface that are non-stick
  • A lot of people complain that this wok cannot be used for long term
  • A bit heavy on your wallet

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok

Aroma Housewares AEW 305 electric wok has the ability to heat up faster and quickly as compared to other electric woks. For the best results, it knows how to retain the high temperatures for the best cooking results. If you want to take a deeper look at this wok, click onto Amazon and get more information!

The temperature can be changed according to what you want. This shows how versatile this electric wok is. The oil can heat up within a minute. You can choose high temperature for stir frying and low if you want to serve up. At least 7 quart packs of space capacity this wok has. Around 5 or more people can be served with these ingredients. Dishes that come with great chunks can be easily help by this wok. The cooking surface is pretty large and spacious. Also, the large sides are there to whip up one pot or even a family sized meal for fun.

Key Features

  • This wok is a good choice for stir frying, steaming and braising
  • It is easy to use and storage is easy as well
  • Capacity is 7 quart
  • A big non-stick high dome lid
  • Touch base and handles are pretty cool
  • Temperature control is precise
  • Storage and usage are easy
  • 7 quart capacity
  • This wok has a dome lid that is non-stick
  • Base and handles remain cool even on high temperatures
  • This cannot cook big meals for 5 or more people

VonShef 7.4 Qt. Electric Wok with Lid

VonShef comes with an electric aluminum wok for your kitchen so that you can fry, sear and sizzle the way you want. For a finger licking good meal of Asian cuisine, different meals need a different flavor as well as temperature. A rotary dial is present in this electric wok for you to fix your temperature accordingly. Therefore, you can now cook with complete control over the temperature. If you want to take a deeper look at this wok, click onto Amazon and get more information!

Key Features

  • 4 quantity capacity (compact enough for small space)
  • 14 inches non-stick surface of the wok
  • The cook handles remain cool
  • The wok is large enough to cook big meals
  • Compact; does not use a lot of space
  • The handles remain cool
  • This is a little pricey

Liven Electric Aluminum Non-stick Skillet

The pot of this electric wok is big enough to cook for at least 2 or 4 persons at a time. You are just a push away from turning it on. The fire power button is there for you to choose the heat level; small, middle, big. Operating this electric wok is very simple. If you want to take a deeper look at this wok, click onto Amazon and get more information!

Key Features

  • 2 to 4 persons can be served through this
  • 1500W skillet of this wok so that it can serve multiple functions
  • The body is made of aluminum
  • For a family, it is perfect
  • 1500W skillet for different functions
  • The wok is made up of an aluminum body
  • Meals for more than 4 persons cannot be made
  • It serves for you for a very short period of time

Having trouble to choose the best electric wok? Here is a buying guide for you!

In the market, you will come across more than a 100 electric woks right now and all with different or even the same features. Many of you might have visited the market quite a few times and would have realized that picking up the best wok from the long and diverse list is not so easy. Apart from that, in helping you out for selecting and purchasing the best product for your kitchen, you need to shed light upon the important factors listed below.


There are different electric woks and different models, each one of them having a different capacity. This capacity helps you decide how much food you can cook. Many a times, when people consider of purchasing a wok, they end up getting hands on the big capacity electric woks. This factor gets neglected completely.

Apart from this, you should keep in mind that unlike normal stovetop wok, purchasing an electric wok with a higher capacity will use high power usage. Therefore, if you do not need a high capacity wok, then it would completely go to waste. Nevertheless, when you go to the market for purchasing an electric wok then you should calculate the capacity according to your requirement and then buy it.


A wok is of best use and works efficiently when there is an internal coating. Many of the electric woks available in the market come with a non-sticking coat on it, therefore, the users find it easier to cook with these woks. Also, having the best non-stick woks is not the only thing that matters, the specifications of the product should be checked thoroughly and know that the non-stick coating present on it is of high quality as well, causing your health no harm.

How quickly the wok will heat up

The usefulness of the wok is entirely dependent upon how quickly the wok gets heat up, no matter what type of a wok it is. The heat conductivity is the key element and the material from which it is made up of. If you are in a hurry and want your food to be heated fast then, we are recommending you to consider an electric wok which has a high conducting material. 

Power consumption

The power consumption of any electric wok spends on different factors, but, to an extent, the technological advancements have been able to limit the power usage to a minimum. Apart from this, you should keep in mind that as the capacity of an electric wok increases, the power consumption also increases. In this same way, when the speed of the heating gets high, so does the power consumption. Due to this reason, we recommend you to purchase an electric wok that meets your taste and demands. Make a list of different, appropriate for you, products and compare them before you purchase any wok.

Variable temperature

Any electric wok that has no variable temperature feature is not recommended by us. Many wok products lack this feature and it might be of great disadvantage to you. The best electric wok that you can get your hands on is the one that consists of a variable temperature feature because it allows you to control the temperature according to what and how you decide to cook your meal. 

How to bring an electric wok to use?

Electric woks have been produced for you with handy tools so that you can cook healthy dishes whether you are inside or outside the kitchen. Different ways are there to work with different types of woks. All dishes can be made easily, be it your freshening breakfast or your lovely dinner. Here is how you can use some details to use an electric wok better.

Make use of wood utensils and oil so that it can hold the heat

Be sure you are using wooden utensils while cooking, for avoiding any scratches on the Teflon coating of the electric wok. Apart from this, make use of cooking oil because it can hold up to at least 500 degrees of heat without burning anything. Coconut oil and peanut oil are 2 other best options as well. Avocado oil is another option. You should have oven gloves for preventing yourself from handling when they get heated.

Preparation of all ingredients together

If you are working on high heat, then make sure to be quick so that all your ingredients do not burn out. Therefore, it is best if you slice, measure, deice and chop all the ingredients before you turn on the heat. This way you can add up different ingredients quickly.


Start the wok and let it heat for high temperature for every dish you cook. Put in at least 2 tbsp of oil when the wok is about to get hot when you start. Then pick the wok up with the help of a glove and then spread the oil evenly. Now it is ready to cook any meal for you. Put salt, pepper and cooking oil on your chicken. Brown the outer layers on both sides for 5 to 7 minutes and the lower your flame. Now close the vent, cover the wok and roast it for 45 minutes. The safest temperature for meat cooking is 165 degree Fahrenheit.


If there is a bamboo steaming basket, make use of it. Put the chicken broth or water to the wok and fill it up with all the vegies you desire to cook. Now let them cook.

Cook breakfast

You can now cook the best and loveliest breakfast for yourself with these electric woks. Just whip up some eggs. The ideal size of this wok makes your dish even more delicious. A well browned French toast, fried up potatoes and hash browns.

Maintenance instructions

The maintenance and cleaning of the wok is another best thing about it. While it is still hot, you have to wipe it with a cotton cloth. There will additional particles and stains, then dampen the cloth and the temperature will get it sterilized. The user manual is there for you to read carefully for cleaning instructions of the Teflon wok. Some parts of the electric wok are not safe. So make sure you have dried up all the parts properly before you start using it again. After drying it with a towel, let it dry with air. 

Cleaning instructions of the Electric Wok

Cleaning a wok after every time you use it is very essential. This way the wok remains healthy and other specific methods could also help extend the lifespan of an electric wok. Here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: if it is a non-stick wok then never pour water in the wok when it is hot. After using the wok, switch it off and the remove the plug. Wait till it cools down now.

Step 2: when it cools down, with luke warm water, wash the wok and then rinse it thoroughly.

Step 3: now, when it is done cleaning, use a dry cloth to dry the entire wok.


Are you planning a family picnic, a beach party or just a simple candle light dinner at the rooftop? Then these electric woks are the best things you can get for yourself. Electric woks can be a great addition your kitchen.

A few best features of electric woks are that they are non-sticks, can be transported very easily and maintains the flavor of the food while they are all locked up. The functions of woks are highly versatile and dishwasher safe as well. Now saute, deep frying and stir fry in the pot has become an easy job. Alternate to this, check out the comparison of all the woks from the list provided above for further help and guidance.

If you want to take a deeper look at these best electric woks then, click onto Amazon and get more information!

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