10 Best Carbon Steel Wok 2020

As wok is necessary for the one who is going to learn how to cook, this wok is also one important component of kitchen, without wok cooking is not complete. If you like asian cousin especially chineese dishes, you may have used or want to use a traditional chineese wok once in a life. Carbon steel woks are one of the versatile vessels to make authentic asian cuisines. Therefore these carbon steel woks are popular all over the world.

Best Carbon Steel Wok

A carbon steel wok has numerous advantages over the frying pan. Carbon steel wok distributes temperature more evenly, requires less oil and ensures that food tossed during stir-frying lands back in the pan and not on the stove. A good kitchen knife can take the place of a cleaver and rice can be boiled in a saucepan instead of steamed, but it is quite hard to find a satisfactory substitute for a wok.

Buy best carbon steel wok

Here is the list of best rated carbon steel woks available today:

Joyce Chen 21-9978, Classic Series Carbon Steel Wok, 14 inch

Part of the classic series b joyce chen, the 14” flat bottom wok is the best combination of size, features and functions. The natural carbon steel surfaces duplicates a more authentic wok cooking surface –seasoning is required. 1.5mm gauge carbon steel body. This carbon steel product comes with 14 inch diameter wok birch wood handles use on gas, electric or induction stovetops. The handles are designed to stay cool on the stovetop, so you can easily remove the wok from burner without using pothoholders.

Products material: Aluminium
Product Included items: joyce chen 21-9978, classic series carbon steel wok, 14 inch
Storage capacity: 14
Dimensions: 4.0 inches(H) x 14.0inches (W) x 23.5 inches (L)
Weight: 3.5 pound

  • Lower price
  • best quality carbon steel
  • Spun detail on sides for precise cooking
  • No lid
  • It Will rust if not seasoned and clean properly
  • Cheap packaging gets easily damaged

Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok with Lid, 14 inch

This carbon steel wok comes from the brand Helen asian kitchen. carbon steel wok for stir frying, stewing, saunteing, steaming, braising, frying and deep frying favourite asian recipes and more. This product is made from 1.6mm carbon steel with heat –resistant bamboo handle, helper handle and high –domed lid: sturdy riveted design: hangs to store. Carbon steel wok cooks food quickly and  evenly: cooking surface collects a natural patina over time for non –stick cooking performance.

Flat bottom sits surely on any stovetop: works with gas, electric and induction: high –domed lid retains heat and prevents splatters. Easy to season and maintain: includes 13 –inch bamboo spatula and recipe booklet with instructions: lifetime warranty against manufactures defects. It is best to use it.

  • The product is durable and reliable
  • It has two durable wooden handles
  • This wok is compatible to be used on both gas stove and electric stoves.
  • It is recommended by the manufacturer to be hand –washed.
  • The lacquer coating took a lot of scrubbing to remove which causes in rusting of wok.

14 inches Carbon Steel Wok(Flat Bottom), 14 Gauge Thinckness

This heavy gauge wok is easy and best to use. The natural blond, wooden handle and side spool handle allows the cook full command of the wok. This carbon steel wok comes from the brand M.V. The flat bottom wok is designed to sit directly on an electric stove to take advantage of all the heat. Wok cooking is done with high temperature. the flat bottom wok  also works very efficiently  on a gas stove.

  • The product Made with heavy 14 –gauge carbon steel wok
  • Flat bottom can sit directly on electric stove or grills
  • Wooden side spool handle allow full command of the wok
  • The product Made of unseasoned heavy carbon steel. Designed for rapid, even heating and cooling
  • The handle is attached firmly with three rivets that make this wok very robust and heavy duty.

Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok

Pow woks are always hand –hammered, usually comes with only a single hollow handle and are used a bit more difficult to manoeuvre because of the single handle. This wok product takes well to seasoning and is slightly textured  therefore food adheres to the interior of the wok for best searing and browning. This wok has a steel loop helper handle as well as an easily removable wooden handle.

It has the weight to conduct heat evenly, the surface to maintain a best seasoning and the helper hand that is essential for safe cooking at very high heat. 

  • It season beautifully
  • This product promotes temperature distribution and sears masterfully, due to the texture.
  • The helper handle is sturdy.
  • This is a heavy cooking utensil.

Ecolution Non –Stick Carbon Steel Wok, 12” Black

This product features a non –stick coating that is PFAO free which is safer for you and fewer green house gases and made of carbon steel. This carbon steel wok is ideal for your cooking needs. This carbon steel wok has a soft touch riveted handle making it easier to hold. This comes with Flat base for balance which also enables the wok to sit directly on the burner, maximizing the heat in the pan. Cooks the food more evenly. Suitable for electric, gas, glass, ceramic stove tops. Also have warranty from manufacturers.

  • Suitable for any cooking that ranges from stir –frying to deep –frying.
  • The product has Lifetime guarantee
  • This product can be used on gas, electric and gas ceramic stovetops.
  • It gets scratched
  • Non-stick coating started coming off.

14 inches Carbon Steel Wok, 14 Gauge Thickness

this best carbon steel wok comes with a 14 –gauge thick steel sheet which is perfect for standard size American kitchen stoves. The carbon steel wok has dimensions are 16.5 x 16.5 x 8.6 inches, and its weight is 6.5 lbs. This is a best flat bottom wok that is perfect to set on electric stoves and grills. This carbon steel wok is available in three different sizes i-e, 12”, 14” and 16”. This carbon steel wok is made of unseasoned carbon steel, so you need to season it first before use. The wooden side spool allows you to do your cooking more conveniently and having this spool on a bigger size wok, makes it easier to carry when it’s hot and when you have food inside.

  • This carbon steel wok comes with two side ears
  • The product is made of heavy carbon steel that could spread the heat evenly all over the product surface
  • This product is designed for rapid heating and cooling.
  • The few users complaint about the handle construction.
  • It would start bending when you pick up the wok.
  • The handle completely snapped off.

16 inch Carbon Steel Hand Hammered Wok

This comes with soft touch silicone handles allow for a comfortable and secure grip. The handles can cook with high temperature upto 350 degree F. The PTFE –free , PFOA –free, cadmium –free and recyclable allow you to cook healthily and is environmental friendly. This carbon steel wok has a round bottom that makes it highly suitable and efficient to be used on gas stoves. Hand hammering method always increases the efficiency of the wok.

  • It transfers temperature evenly
  • The manufacturers offers a carbon steel wok ring with this product.
  • It has two loop handles that makes carrying this carbon steel wok easy.
  • Most of the times the user complaining about It getting rusted easily.
  • The carbon steel wok arrived was not in round shape and was dented.

KEN HOM Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok, 14.25”, black

A lightweight carbon steel wok finished with a layer of non –stick coating designed for stir –frying at high temperatures and with less oil. Coated inside and out to provide a robust sealed coating for long –lasting endurance. The flat base of this carbon steel wok ensures the wok is well –balanced so does not topple over when sat on the hob. This carbon steel wok is also suitable for cooking on all hob types including gas, electric, ceramic and induction. The non-stick coating is suitable for use with metal utensils.

  • Non –stick coating also means it is best to clean by hand
  • It is best to use and fit on all types of hob.
  • This comes with a riveted handle to carry it easily
  • The manufacturer offers a 2 –year warranty.
  • Avoid using any harsh scouring products which causes the damage non –stick coating.

12 inch Carbon Steel Wok (Flat Bottom) by wok shop

The wok shop is made is USA in Bay Area. They have made their own carbon steel woks for 40 years. Flat bottom carbon steel woks can sit directly on electric stove or grills. Wooden side spool handle allow full command of the wok. This carbon steel wok is made of unseasoned heavy carbon steel. The flat bottom wok also works very efficiently on a gas stove. If cooking with gas, the same wok is available in round bottom.wok measures 4 is depth.   

  • This wok has wooden handles
  • It is made of 14 –gauge carbon steel.
  • Poor heat distribution, unless having bonded conductor.
  • Poor performance and durability.

KEN HOM Carbon Steel Wok –Asian Stir Fry Pan -12.25” Silver

KEN Hom carbon steel wok is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts on authentic Chinese and asian cooking. Ken is passionate about not only using high –quality ingredients in his cooking. But also using best performance cookware and accessories to help maximize the potential of any dish. Ken hom carbon steel wok deliver outstanding performance and best durability as well as being practical and easy to use.  The carbon steel woks have a superior design to not only cope with the high temperature of stir fry cooking. This carbon steel wok comes with a 10 year guarantee.

  • Easy handling ergonomic
  • Underformable thick skirt
  • Natural non –stick properties, excellent caramelization of food gradual seasoning
  • All cooktops including induction
  • Stainless –steel tools can discolour (or turn to rainbow color) under high heat, but this can be healed.
  • It’s good for sautening ,browning, deep frying or boiling, but not for cooking delicate foods.

Choosing the Right Wok

Once you have decided to add a carbon steel wok to your kitchen, you will need to choose the best model of carbon steel wok. Originally, all carbon steel woks were round –bottomed and made of iron since these were designed to be used with traditional chinese wood stove. Gradually, the iron was replaced with carbon steel. Today, there are all types of woks on the market: aluminium, copper, stainless steel. There have been a few other innovations designed to make the wok more compatible with western ranges. Since the 1960s, round –bottomed woks normally comes with a “collar”, which is a circular device with holes to allow for the transfer of temperature. It ensures that the wok is evenly balanced over the source.

While people with gas stoves often prefer not to use it, the collar should definitely be used if you are cooking with a round –bottomed wok on an electric stove.  For the cooking on electric range flat bottom wok is best to used. As round bottom reflect heat back on the element and damaged it.


Basically the carbon steel wok is comes with two metal handles, making it easy to lift in and out of the stove. Modern carbon steel woks that have one long wooden handle, like a skillet. This gives you more leverage for moving and tilting the wok and eliminates the need for a potholder. As for size, woks comes in a variety of sizes.

Seasoning and cleaning:

Seasoning removes the preservative oil manufactures place on the carbon steel wok to prevent it from rusting. Replacing it with a light coating of cooking oil. It is important to clean the carbon steel wok properly after each use.

In case you feel that your wok does not make your food tasty anymore or it is non –stick, you can always season it to make it more efficient. And here is step by step guide on how to season your wok.

Clean your carbon steel wok with hot water using a small quantity of liquid detergents and stainless steel or pad. Scrub gently without using excessive force.

Using an abrasive cleaner and a scrubber, scrub the exterior part of your wok to remove any dirt and oil. Avoid using an abrasive cleaner on the interior of your wok.

Rinse off your wok and dry it thoroughly

Place your wok on high temperature. Move and tilt it up to the rim and back till the metal turns into a blueish –yellowish color.

Remove your wok from the source.

Put 11/2 teaspoon of oil in your wok. Using a paper towel, rub it over the surface.

Turn your temperature to medium –low. Place your carbon steel wok on the source and heat it for 10 minutes. Be careful, heated oils and wok can cause serious burn or fire.

Using another paper towel, wipe off the oil.

Repeat the same procedure from number 6 to 8 until no black residue is left on the towel

Your cooking carbon steel wok is now ready for use.

Why you should use a carbon steel wok?


Almost all cooking methods require a lot of heat. When some metals like aluminium are heated, they release toxics posing a health threat to human life. Carbon steel is non –stick and does not release any toxins even when heated on high temperatures making it safe for cooking.


Compared to cast iron, the carbon steel material is light. This gives you the freedom to toss your food and transport the pan without much strain.

Even Conduction

Unlike stainless steel pans, carbon wok allows for even and rapid temperature distribution. Its ability to transfer heat faster helps you prepare your food faster while saving energy.

Better control

Carbon steel heats up fast. The material does not only allow even heating but also even cooling. This features gives you greater control when cooking food that requires medium –low temperatures by regulating your temperatures when they go to the extreme.


Carbon cooking woks are non –stick and inexpensive. This gives you the freedom to prepare your healthy and tasty meals without breaking the banks.

Easy to clean and season

Cleaning and seasoning a carbon steel wok is easy compared to cast iron. This helps to save time and hassles.


Cooking wok made of carbon steel are durable, as the material is chip and crack –resistant which makes it stand out from other woks. However, when proper care is not given, it may rust affecting its durability.

Factors to Consider When Buying Carbon Steel Wok

The market offers varied types of carbon steel woks to choose from. Each product of cooking wok is designed differently and before spending on one, you need to look at some of the critical factors to ensure you have made the right choice.


Carbon steel wok product comes in varied sizes to choose from. Though this may depend on the purpose of the wok, for home se a 14” wok is highly recommended. A smaller wok will always stress you since it cannot accommodate your ingredients while a bigger one will overehelm your kitchen for nothing. Large cooking woks are recommended for commercial purposes.


Carbon steel woks are either flat bottomed or round bottomed. However, not all these shapes will be compatible with your cooking surface. A flat –bottomed carbon steel wok is best on induction ranges, electric stoves and flat grills while round bottoms are ideal for gas stovetops.

Construction Method

Carbon steel Woks are made using hammering, spinning and stamping methods.

Hammered woks have small indentions or divots produced by each hammer below. This can be noticed when you comes close and have a keen look on the interior side. The edges are pretty rough and hold your food in place.

The spinning method produces cooking pans with granular sides. Spun woks are made using lathes and have concentric circles down the pan. These concentric circles allow you to place food on the sides without sliding. This feature helps you take full control of how different food cooks.

The stamping methods involve bending a piece of metal. Most cooking pans made up of  using stamping method as it having smooth sides. Woks with smooth sides do not hold food and are not the best.


A good wok should allow even distribution of temperature. The best wok thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 2mm. Since carbon steel wok heats up fast and also cools down faster, regulating heat is easy.


While every carbon steel wok has a handle, the way these handles are designed will determine your cooking experience. One important feature to look at is the handle design. Carbon steel Wok handles are not created the same. Some are long while others are short. Longer handles allow you to toss your food without losing better control of your wok making your cooking a breeze.

Another feature is the material used. Modern carbon steel wok handles are designed using natural wood, phenolic or plastic. All these materials are bad conductors of heat which means your handle remain cool and safe to hold even when using high temperature.

Phenolic handles have one benefit over wood and plastics in that they are resistant to both high temperatures and solvent cleaners.


Weight is a fundamental feature which is overlooked by most people. The weight of your wok will determine the ease of transportation. Though modern woks comes with helper handle for easy lifting, a heavy wok will require more energy to lift or transport it.

Other Accessories:

Some cooking woks comes as a one piece set while others comes with lids and even recipe booklet. All these accessories make your cooking easy and manageable.


Carbon steel material is prone to rusting especially when proper storage measures are not taken into account. Modern carbon steel woks have loops on the handle or metal hanging ring which provide better and easy storage.

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