10 Best Apple Peeler 2020

Apples are considered to be a good source of energy as they are high in fiber, vitamin C and various antioxidants. If eaten raw they provide some really good benefits as they contain numerous constituents that are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. An average-sized apple contains the information discussed below in points:

Best Apple Peeler

  • Calories: 52
  • Water: 86%
  • Protein: 0.3 grams
  • Carbs: 13.8 grams
  • Sugar: 10.4 grams
  • Fiber: 2.4 grams
  • Fat: 0.2 grams

Keeping apples in your diet as a routine can really turn out to be healthy for your body and brain. If you really want apples to work for you, then you must eat on an empty stomach so that it absorbs completely into your body and provides you with the necessary nutrients. They tend to keep you hydrated as they contain water content approximately about 86%, and the best part is; it is not just water, it is a sweet combination of carbs, protein, sugar, and other nutrients.

So the notion which says, “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is the right one keeping in mind the benefit this sweet colorful fruit carries. Despite the importance of eating raw apples which includes the skin, some people don’t like the skin and they peel it off before eating it. It does not matter even if you peel the skin off, what matters is you eat it at the right time and enjoy its numerous health benefits. So making your life easy, we will be discussing with you the most reliable apple peelers and will also help you choose the right one for your right need.

Let us walk you through the most reliable apple peelers in the market, that will not just make your life easy but also saves a lot of your time as using apple peelers to peel off apples, can be done in just a matter of seconds.

Best Buy Apple Peelers Reviews For 2020

The following are the reviews of 10 best peelers you can get from the market. The peelers are reviewed keeping in mind; the utility, quality, and efficiency. The best part is you can get them at your doorstep as they are available at Amazon, so let’s dig into the list and find the best one for yourself.

Victorio Kitchen Products VKP1010 Apple peeler

If you are looking for a reliable peeler, which is durable and convenient to use then VKP1010 apple peeler is the best for you. This can turn out to be perfect for you because of its incredible grip and the quality of this product is something to be inspired from. This apple peeler has a good design and is very efficient to use as it does your job in seconds. It won’t be wrong to call it an ideal buy for the buyers who are looking for all such features in their apple peelers.  The best part this apple peeler comes with is its durability factor because of its heavy cast iron body that is built to last for years & years of heavy use. 

  • Apple home kitchen tool is made from cast iron with enamel coating for durability and glossy look.
  • Peeling blade distance can be adjusted in this apple tool.
  • It is best to peel, slice and core simultaneously.
  • Base comes with rubber suction for better grip and stability.
  • A reliable home product for apple peeling.
  • For buyers, this apple peeling machine is available at Amazon.
  • The metal fork at the end of this apple tool can be dangerous if left out in open as children might touch and harm themselves.
  • The adjustments of the blade for slicing, peeling, and coring can be confusing for the beginners, not recommending this apple tool for them.

Starfrit 093209-006-BLCK Electric Rotato Express

For people who are looking for the quickest and easiest apple processing tool, then Starfrit 093209-006 electric peeler is the solution to their problem. It is an ideal buy for people who are always finding the quickest ways of doing their home jobs. It provides users with great efficiency and speed without affecting the performance of the peeler. You just need to place an apple inside the peeler holding switch and it will do the rest in seconds.

The Rotato express peeler does not only provide you with simple operation and efficiency, but there are other features also which makes this electric peeler an ideal buy for peeling the apples. It is best for the working parents who often don’t have time to peel the apples manually, also who are looking for simple and quick ways of doing things, then this one suits their needs.

  • This apple process machine’s body is durable plastic and the base provides grip and stability during operation.
  • The Apple processor contains a box at the bottom to use it for storing spare blades, being its best use.
  • Starfrit peeler is automatic for peeling apples, you turn it on and it stops automatically when peeling is done.
  • Starfrit comes with both options to use; whether connect it to AC supply or insert batteries to enjoy its portability feature.
  • For buyers, you can buy Starfrit on Amazon for apple peeling.
  • You need to remove the top and bottom end of the apples manually.
  • The machine may sound a little loud when peeling your apples
  • Starfrit’s body is made of ABS plastic which is durable, however, people think of these to be more sturdy and made from cast iron.

Starfrit 93013 Pro apple Peeler with Bonus core slicer

If you are looking for an apple peeler that looks beautiful and can enhance your kitchen counter presentation, it is starfrit 93013 with bonus core slicer. It is also fast and reliable peeler to have as your home kitchen tool, ideal for the people looking for a traditional peeler with some of the best features. It can be equally compared in terms of performance and reliance from other peelers in the market. It is an efficient peeler that looks trendy but when it comes to performance it satisfies your home kitchen needs.

  • This apple processing machine is a manual one so it does not require electricity.
  • Simple and easy usage by just turning the handle and getting your apple peeled in a few seconds.
  • It comes with a wider blade as compared to other apple peeling tools
  • It comes with an anti-slippery base with rubber suction for best apple peeling and being the best & the greatest experience of smooth operation.
  • It also comes with a bonus apple slicer so that you enjoy eating slices of apple more often.
  • Cleaning is easy as you can do it with a wet cloth for washing this apple skinning tool.
  • For buyers, you can buy this apple peeling tool on Amazon.
  • The feel and look of the peeler do not attract many users as it looks like a toy.

Kitchen Basics Professional Grade Heavy-duty apple slicer

This apple slicer gives you performance along with the stability you require while operating it. Kitchen Basics Professional Heavy-duty slider is for people who prefer performance and durability as the key features in their apple slicer. So if you are looking for such features to be present in your slicer then this is the ideal buy for your home kitchen use. It has a body made from metal giving you enough durability along with the other features like peeling, coring, and slicing. The look is sturdy and practical, specifically best for people who see this peeler being built to last for years.

It is highly recommended to buy and experience the real feel solid sturdy peeler from Kitchen basics.

  • The safety concerns are kept high in this apple slicer, the rubber suction base and safe plastic cover provide greater safety to the users.
  • This apple slicer can be compared with other professional peelers, as it can peel, slice and core apples.
  • Since this apple slicer is manually operated so it does not require electricity.
  • This apple slicer can be washed with hands easily and it is best among others.
  • For buyers, you can buy this make on Amazon.
  • This apple slicer only comes with one style of slicing feature.

Precision kitchenware Stainless steel apple peeler

For people who are specifically looking for apple peeler that does not only serve them with performance, at the same time it adds beauty to your home kitchen then Precision Kitchenware Apple peeler is the best option to choose from other peelers. It is ideal for people who are fond of precisive tools, then this tool despite being a manual peeler does the peeling in just a matter of less than a minute and it does it so neat and precise that you will love it. This one seems ideal for other peelers in the market and the reason is it saves your time and does the peeling in the most efficient manner. On the other side, it is durable enough to last long and can serve you for years. Its black enamel solid body with stainless steel parts gives it an overall very prestigious look. Even if you are looking for a peeler that can enhance the presentation of your kitchen, then this would be the best buy.

  • This apple skinning tool provides you with high precision action and it is the best.
  • The assembling of this apple skinner is very simple and eas and being the greatest factor.
  • Much easier to clean and store with this apple slicer, being one of its best USP.
  • Due to stainless steel parts, this apple processing tool does not rust and provides you with durable use for years.
  • This apple slicer provides you with using it for peeling, slicing, and coring.
  • It is simple to use and maintain this apple slicer
  • For buyers, you can buy this product’s make for apple peeling on Amazon.
  • This apple slicer does not have a good suction base, and it is not very stable while you are peeling apples.

Johnny Apple Peeler Victorio VKP1011

If you are looking for an apple slicing tool that is specially designed to perform in an efficient manner, and at the same time it is easy to use, then Johnny Apple Victorio  VKP1011 is the ideal buy for you. It works perfectly and it is one of the best peelers to buy from. Made from cast iron body, and comes with a clamp design that can easily be fixed in your home kitchen or your countertop. Especially designed to work for smaller kitchens, built to last for years due to its sturdy design and durability factor. It will be true to call this peeler durable and space-efficient one.

  • Johnny apple comes with a clamp design that fixes in your home kitchen easily.
  • Johnny apple works best in smaller spaces.
  • Johnny apple is built with a cast iron body with a sturdy enamel coat, which provides durable use and a glossy look at its best.
  • The distance of Johnny apple’s blade can be adjusted.
  • Johnny apple helps you peel, slice and core at the same time, being one of the best features.
  • The rubber of Johnny apple’s suction at its base provides you with greater stability when you are operating it.
  • For buyers, you can buy this product from Johnny Apple peeler’s make at Amazon. Buyers can also check for reviews before buying it.
  • Johnny apple comes with a 5-years warranty.
  • The metal fork of Johnny apple can be dangerous if left out in the open, as children can have access to it and may harm themselves.
  • The options of adjustments while peeling, slicing and coring with Johnny apple can be confusing to the beginners. Not recommended for beginners.

New Star FoodService 43020 Apple and Potato Peeler

Are you looking for the apple & potato slicer that works for peeling other fruits also? Then buyers should go for buying New Star Food Service 43020 Apple and Potato slicer. It comes with more durability and sharper blades to use it for other fruits and vegetables, especially the ones that are mostly used and in our home kitchen list all the time.  It is an ideal buy to serve the purpose, and use it as a multipurpose peeler among other peelers in the market. The design it comes in is a bit trendy, yet more reliable base and perfectly built to use it on a frequent basis. On the other hand, if you are looking for the apple & potato skinning tool that can last for years, then this is the best buy from all the other options available in the market.

  • With a unique design and function, this peeler makes it easy for peeling, slicing and coring apples and potatoes. Best multipurpose solution for your kitchen.
  • Ideal to make salads and pie in your home kitchen with this apple & potato tool.
  • Durability factor in this apple & potato slicer is kept high in its manufacturing, with a cast zinc alloy body with stainless blades and chrome shaft.
  • Firm suction base allows it to keep on slippery and smooth surfaces for greater grip and stability. The strong suction base stays put on smooth non-porous surfaces.
  • For buyers, this apple & potato peeling product, you can buy on Amazon.
  • Apple and potato peeling might turn out dangerous for children when left out in the open, being the most fearing point among other positive points by the parents.

ValueTools Manual Apple Slicer

It is ideal for those buyers who are looking for a tool that is stylish and unconventional. It is quite different from the traditional ones due to its style and value for money. Stop looking further, get this one from Value tools as it does not only enhance the beauty of your home kitchen but also with some excellent features it even competes with the most durable ones in terms of consistent use and durability factor.

  • Even though it is a manual one, it is fast and good in performance, being one of the best and the greatest.
  • Best for people who value the design and product presentation.
  • It is dishwasher safe and easy and simple to clean.
  • It comes in a medium-size, so storage is not a problem.
  • Perfect for a smaller kitchen due to its compact design.
  • For buyers, this product of valuable tools is available on Amazon.
  • It is not recommended for commercial use keeping some points in mind.

LoHome Electric Potato peeler

For the buyers who are looking for a reliable tool that is easy and simple to use and efficient at the same time, then Lohome Electric Peeler is the ideal one to buy from the others available in the market. It comes with easy operation with a compact and sleek design. Also best for people who prefer performance over price, it is the perfect choice to buy from the market. It is a multipurpose tool for peeling apples and potatoes, and being the best home kitchen tool you can get from the market.

  • It is a well-known peeler brand to rely upon as being the best.
  • This peeler comes with two extra blades and a thumb knife.
  • It provides better stability and greater grip due to its firm base.
  • For buyers, you can buy this peeler of Lohome make on Amazon.
  • Peeler is not recommendable for fruits and vegetables with tougher skins.
  • Not a durable peeler as it is constructed using plastic material.
  • Consistent cleaning is required to keep the peeler in function.

NoPro 865 Apple master

For all the buyers who are looking for an apple peeler that provides them with the best performance, and at the same time, it is perfect for those who keep security as their prime concern. Then this peeler from NoPro 865 apple master is the ideal among all Apple peelers due to its security factor. It is safe, easy to use with better stability features and also the reliable home kitchen tool. You really need to experience this one, as you will feel the difference from other peelers in the market and it will turn out to be a great buy with all such features. It is supreme in quality and also durable at the same time.

  • This peeler’s operation is quite simple and the best.
  • Peeler comes with a better and reliable grip.
  • The product comes with a clamp that can be fixed.
  • You can buy this peeler from NoPro’s make at Amazon.
  • A bit costly as compared to other peelers in the market as well as on other points.

Apple Peelers Buyers Guide – What exactly you should be looking for?

Now you are well aware of the best 10 peelers in the market with the product details and how they function. It’s time now to emphasize the below points before buying the product, as this will help you a lot in choosing the right product according to your needs and that which best fits into your home kitchen. Let us now go through some of the important factors to keep in mind before buying the best apple peeler for yourself. What you should be looking for in it?

  • Material Guide

Material is the most important factor in choosing the ideal peeler, as the durability largely depends upon it. It also helps you in establishing reliability on your peeler and provides you a long time use with better functioning and safety features. Also if you are investing in it, we want you to choose the one that is best in terms of value over money.

  • Brand name Guide

The other factor you should be looking in your apple peelers is the brand name it carries. Renowned brands build their products keeping in mind higher customer satisfaction and reliability. If you choose the right brand, you will never feel disappointed and as your home kitchen tool it will also serve you with the best user experience and it will prove you to be the right investment you have made.

  • The Sharp Blades factor Guide

You should always make sure the peeler you are buying has sharp blades. This factor has a  direct impact on your time as less sharp and blunt blades take a lot of your time and you will feel disappointed. These small things must look petty or basic to you, but believe us on omitting these factors you can land on things that might create a lot of frustration afterward. We recommend you strongly to keep these points as mandatory before buying apple peelers from the market.

How to Use an Apple Peeler?

In order to become an expert using the peelers, you must know the right use of the product. The use of this product is to save your time, using it will help you peel, slice and core apples. Peeling job seems hectic and requires a great deal of your valuable time. By using them, you will be able to save your time as well you will have some spare time on your schedule to do other important daily chores.

Guide for the best use of Apple Peelers

The important thing to understand here is, there is no rocket science in using the apple peelers. There are different variants available in the market, some come with the option of peeling only, others come with peeling, slicing, and coring, some are manually operated, while others are automatic. The output of the peeler is the same, mechanics and precision are different and vary from one peeler to other peelers. It also depends upon how much you are willing to spend on Apple Peelers, as it directly impacts the quality of peelers and functions.

Steps To Know for guiding users to the right purchase:

  1. You need to make sure that the peeler is mounted properly to the stand or surface of your home kitchen counter, in order to provide you with better stability during its operation.
  2. The selection of apples is also important, as you need to fix the one that has tight skin without spots and it’s fresh.
  3. Place or keep the apple in the peeler in such a way that the two ends of the apple are as straight as possible. The three prongs will work from the top, bottom, and sides; and peeling, coring and slicing will be done effectively.


We hope we have provided you with enough information that will ultimately help you in choosing the best and ideal product of peeler for use. It is also suggested to keep in mind the important factors before buying the peelers. We also hope you get the perfect peeler for the use of your home kitchen. If you are looking for the ideal one to match your preferences, simply follow our top 10 list of best peelers.

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