10 Best Cupcake Carrier 2020

Are you into baking? Do you like cupcakes? Oh, we heard you love them? You do? Then, you must agree to the fact that the cupcake carrier is among the most essential things that any baking enthusiast would want. We are right, aren’t we? Even today most people do not know that there is actually a thing to carry their delicious cupcakes.

Best Cupcake Carrier

If you are looking for the best cupcake carrier, you would be needing comprehensive research on cupcake carriers. Considering that there are a lot of shops with hundreds of different cupcake carriers, we believe that considering them on the basis of certain factors is important, including construction material, ease of carrying, quality, and many others.

Best Cupcake Carrier Reviews

We have dug deep on the subject and extracted the best cupcake carriers in town. We have reviewed these cupcake carriers on the basis of their quality, material, construction, features and, obviously, customers’ opinion.

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier is listed among the best cupcake carriers. This cupcake carrier boasts innovation design and construction. Moreover, the biggest advantage for the baking enthusiast is probably its space-saving abilities; it can reduce to half the size so that it is easier to store when not in use. The design of Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier has the capacity to carry 24 cupcakes at a time. Also, it sports finger recess space to remove cupcakes without worrying of sticking them to the surface. This cupcake carrier sports detachable trays, with dimensions of 16-inch in diameter and 10-inch in height. Last but not least, the material used in construction is of high quality and guaranteed to last longer than expectations. 

  • Innovative design
  • Spacious
  • Easy to assemble
  • Too big for some
  • Quality not worth the hype and price

StacknGo Cupcake Courier by Cake of Eden

The best part of this StacknGo Cupcake Courier by Cake of Eden is that it does not need any sheet or board because it is strong enough. With its support columns having the capacity to hold 25 pounds of weight, this cupcake carrier is considered to be long-lasting.

Are you worried about crushing your oh-so-delicious cupcakes? Don’t worry! The design of this cupcake carrier features such a construction that it will not crush them. It is ideal if you are hosting a party, gathering or any get-together. Another great thing is that this cupcake carrier sports BPA-free plastic. What’s more, it also features a secure lock system to keep your delicious cupcakes safe. The capacity is 24 cupcakes at the same time. 

  • Great for transportation
  • Strong construction
  • Holds 24 cupcakes at a time
  • Hard to pull apart from each other
  • Too expensive

VonShef Snap and Stack Cupcake Storage Carrier 2 Tier

The VonShef Snap and Stack Cupcake Storage Carrier 2 Tier sports two tiers, having the capacity to carry 12 cupcakes per tier. The best part is that it is hygienic and lightweight. Moreover, this cupcake carrier features a handle that lets the user carry it with ease from one place to another. A strong locking that comes with this cupcake carrier to keep cupcakes safe. It has dimensions of 13.6 inches length, 10.2 inches width and 4.1 inches in height. Versatility and durability are two other great features that come with this cupcake carrier. 

  • Two tiers
  • Hygienic and lightweight
  • Flimsy construction

Sweet Creations 3 Tier, Collapsible Cupcake

Do you travel a lot? We have a great product for you: The Sweet Creations 3 Tier, Collapsible Cupcake is ideal for those people who travel constantly. What’s more, it has the capacity to hold 24 cupcakes at the same time. This cupcake carrier boasts the best design to make storage easier. Another great thing is that it is constructed from BPA-free material, so you shouldn’t be worrying about the material. Last but not the least, it comes with a transparent covering that allows everyone to see inside, making it look even more delicious. 

  • Attractive display
  • Great for multi-layered cakes
  • Not really great for travel and transportation purposes
  • Cupcakes may crush and lose shape

DuraCasa Cupcake Carrier, Cupcake Holder

With airtight sealing properties, the DuraCasa Cupcake Carrier, Cupcake Holder is the best baking accessory to store cupcakes and muffin for a long time. This cupcake carrier is big enough to carry 24 cupcakes in a single go. Featuring two decks, it sports good quality material along with BPA-free plastics. The dimensions are 14 x 10 x 7.5 inches. You are gonna love the last line – it comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to handle
  • Great for transportation
  • Many customers reported receiving a damaged piece
  • Flimsy construction

Chefible Premium 12 Cupcake Carrier Container Box

Boasting the best design, this cupcake carrier sports a string and ergonomic construction. Got a thing for cupcakes with yummy frosting and muffins? We would recommend getting hands on the Chefible Premium 12 Cupcake Carrier Container Box. Constructed with recyclable and BPA-free plastic, this cupcake carrier comes with an outstanding design idea of airtight seal lock. Considering its versatility and other great features, this is definitely the best deal to get your hands on. The Chefible Premium 12 Cupcake Carrier Container Box is versatile. Moreover, the product is transparent so you could make use of it as an attractive showpiece. The dimensions are 12 3⁄8 x 10 x 3 3⁄4 inches. It comes with the capacity to hold 12 cupcakes in a go. 

  • Sturdy
  • Great airtight seal lock
  • Attractive showpiece
  • Too small for some
  • Expensive

Chefible 12 Cupcake Container, Takeout Container

The other product on this list by Chefible has a different shape than this one – it comes in a rectangular shape. The Chefible 12 Cupcake Container, Takeout Container features a strong and ergonomic built. This single-deck cupcake carrier is manufactured with recyclable plastic and has the capacity to carry 12 cupcakes. Also, this cupcake carrier comes with airtight lock properties to keep the end product fresh. The cupcake holder by Chefible has dimensions of 12.93 x 10.25 x 3.37 inches.

  • Great design
  • Strong
  • Easy to transport
  • Not big enough

PL8 Cupcake Carrier & Display PL8 5200

Boasting the best design idea, the PL8 Cupcake Carrier & Display PL8 5200 features a transparent lid to make the interior look attractive Folding the carrier’s size in half, this product has the capacity to reduce the size to store when not in use. It has the capacity to hold 24 cupcakes in a go. What’s more, its featured deeps cups are great to hold the cupcakes and muffins safely. The dimensions are 13x9x12 inches.

  • Ergonomic built
  • Recyclable plastic
  • Keeps cupcakes fresh
  • The top part does not stay attached

24 Large Cupcake Carrier, Two-Tiered Holder

To be honest, Kitchen Space is considered the best manufacturer of top quality products. The 24 Large Cupcake Carrier, Two-Tiered Holder features two trays, with the capacity to hold 12 cupcakes. This cupcake carrier is ideal to carry muffins, creamy cupcakes and cinnamon rolls. 

Moreover, you shouldn’t be worrying about crushing your masterpieces. This product features a strong and ergonomic design. The plastic is BPA-free; hence, you make a contribution to the environment as well. 

  • Versatile
  • BPA free plastic
  • Cupcakes do not stay safe
  • Flimsy

Wilton Ultimate 3-In-1 Cupcake Caddy and Carrier

Wilton brand, one of the best cake decorating companies in the States, has introduced this cupcake carrier. The Wilton Ultimate 3-in-1 Cupcake Caddy and Carrier boasts a locking mechanism that prevents your master art pieces from crushing. With different shapes and a variety of sizes, each variant is durable and strong. The plastic used in the construction is of high quality. 

  • Plastic is of good quality
  • Not ideal for cupcakes
  • Cupcakes tips off easily

Tips to Choose the Best Cupcake and Muffin Carrier

The Ultimate Buying Guide

Baking freaks would relate to the struggle of carrying cupcakes and muffins around is a hassle. Putting them in normal boxes and containers for storage is definitely not a smart decision as your beautiful, delicious art pieces will crush and lost their shape in no time. However, people who prefer cupcake carriers will find their cupcakes and muffins intact even after carrying them around for hours. No worries if you couldn’t find the best cupcake carrier yet; we have done the task for you and listed down some factors to consider in order to grab the best cupcake carrier. 

Factors to consider to buy the best cupcake carrier

Material Type

Though most of the cupcake carriers on the market are made of plastic only, there is still a need to research on this subject before even planning to buy a cupcake carrier. You need to consider the type of material as there are several material types available on the market, and analyzing the best is not an easy task, to be honest. Always make sure that you are buying a product with high-quality, food-grade plastics that do not produce any chemicals. 


 There are thousands of cupcake carriers on the market, and one varies with the other on the basis of quality, price and style. Among all of these, the most important thing you should be considering is the number of layers according to your requirements. If you planning to carry cupcakes of different flavours, you may want to buy a cupcake carrier with multiple layers. 


 Capacity is indeed the most important factor. The main aim to invent a cupcake carrier in the first place was to carry cupcakes safely and, obviously, without crushing them. There are thousands of cupcake carriers on the market, and each brand offers different capacity. You might need a cupcake carrier with the capacity to hold 4 to 6 cupcakes while others might need one with the capacity to hold 12-24 cupcakes.  

Disposable or reusable 

 There are two types of cupcake carriers available on the market – disposable and reusable. The former one is cheaper than the latter one. Hence, it is important to know your needs and then buy any cupcake carrier. If you want to use it for once, you may buy a disposable one. 


 A cupcake carrier could be available in either a simple style or with multiple layers. There is a variety of features and designs a cupcake carrier could come in. As far as the shape is concerned, there are round, rectangular, square, and hexagonal and other shapes. You should be very clear about your requirements when it comes to design and style. 

Cleaning & Caring Guide for Cupcake Carrier

One thing to always remember is that after every use, you must clean out cupcake carriers properly. Cupcake crumbs may get stuck inside the carrier and become mouldy which is not safe for health. 

Instructions to Clean a Cupcake Carrier

As we learnt earlier, cupcake carriers may come with a single layer or multiple layers. Cleaning gets a bit challenging with the number of layers. In order to clean the cupcake carrier, you will have to dismantle each layer. Take a scrubber and dip the scrubber in soapy water and scrub the interior. Once you are done, rinse with water to clear out the soapy water dry it out with a clean cloth. Please remember to not use harsh or chemical-based soaps to clean the carrier.  

Now that you have read the entire guide on the best cupcake carriers, it is easier to search the market based on reviews. No matter what brand you buy, always make sure to always go for the reputed brand rather than just any brand. 


Cupcakes are delicious; hence, something suitable must be there to carry them along. For this purpose, cupcakes carriers are invented. Considering the fact that now every brand produces cupcake carriers, it is quite challenging to search for the best and the most reliable. Hence, to ease the process out for you, we have listed some of the best cupcake carriers in town. 

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